UPS Advancing with Orion + Driver Combination

I read an interesting article in the WSJ today featuring Orion, the new tool developed by UPS to make driver routes more efficient.  A couple things that were very interesting,

  1. UPS recognizes the driver still knows best in many situations.  Orion tools allow the driver to choose the route or create their own.  In turn, the technology becomes “Smarter” as analysts review this data looking for improvements.
  2. Small changes make a big difference.  UPS recognizes one of the core principles of lean that a small seemingly inconsequential change when added together will all other small changes = big results!  In a challenging market, the cost saving projections are staggering.
  3. Model of continuous improvement.  The Orion tool is being rolled out in a strategic fashion and improved along the way.  Instead of the dump and run methodology, the development team is still working on improvements and are committed to continuing to make Orion better.

Check out the link to this article:

First Time Blogger

The words I would have never dreamed escaped my mouth…”I am a first time blogger”  Pretty exciting.

APICS International Conference is approaching quickly.  Our chapter will be sending a delegation of four board members to the conference.  I am very excited to see my International APICS friends.  What a great network of professionals I am blessed to know.  This is my favorite event of the year!

There is still time to sign up.  visit